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Freelancers, Consultants, Independent Contractors — We’ve Been There


Private Practitioners, Sole Proprietors, Chief Cooks and Bottle Washers, we know what it’s like to work for yourself.

Juggling clients and projects? So much to do, so little time. And, when it’s not feast, it could be famine. At least that means you finally have time to work on your own marketing. And biz dev. And take those continuing education courses you’ve been eyeballing. And go to some professional networking events. And and and …

You could even get caught up on your bookkeeping.

Or you could let us help.

At the end of your long days of working client accounts and propelling projects ever forward, you probably don’t have the time – or inclination — to handle the details of bookkeeping and tax prep.

We’ll help you prepare for tax season and maximize your return. We’ll get you set up so that paying quarterly estimated taxes isn’t burdensome or intimidating. We’ll teach you best practices for staying organized so that finances and accounting get easier as your business grows.

Solopreneur Managed Accounting
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The Solopreneur

  • Self-employed, sole proprietor, freelance & independent consultants
  • No time for bookkeeping
  • Tax season should be easier
  • Best practices to stay on top of tax paperwork
  • Your Individual or Family Tax Return

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