A Conversation with Scott & Aderholt

White Collar, Unbuttoned.

Steve Scott: “We all take these personality surveys, right? Well, all the ones I’ve ever taken agree that I’m a good fit for what I do — analytical, strategic-minded, entrepreneurial, definitely a good fit for finance and accounting work.”

Kevin Aderholt: “He is as steady as can be. I’ve seen him in high-pressure situations and he keeps such an even keel. His background is in manufacturing environments and everything from big corporate to emerging new businesses.”

Steve: “Over the years, I’ve learned how to talk with people in their different roles and understand their unique needs so I could help them. You know, it’s a privilege to be able to speak into their situation, meet people where they’re at — from the founder to the fork lift driver.”

Kevin: “That’s what I really like about public accounting — getting to know people. Over time, you build shared experiences and a trust relationship, mutually beneficial to both parties. I got into this business because of that relational element.”

Steve: “We’re in it to be an advocate for our clients and to educate them about accounting and finance. We help them calculate and understand their risk so that their decisions are driven by information, not fear.”

Kevin: “We work with and talk through the best financial strategy for each client’s business to get going and to keep growing. Steve’s more on the analytical side, while my experience has been more on the compliance side, so we make a really solid financial partner with our combined skill sets.

Steve: “Businesses are better off hiring a team because no one single CPA has it all. We offer more than just filing legally and crossing t’s and dotting i’s. We help clients get where they’re going. We have an open dialogue and ask the important questions like, ‘Where do you see your business in five years?’

In fact, we’re investing for the next 20 years, at least. That’s how we view our relationship with each client.”

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