About Us

Not Your Average CPA Firm: We Bring Value.

Not sure about retainers and hourly fees? You know, like the kind of thing you’re used to seeing from traditional CPA firms? That’s okay, we don’t do that.

Scott & Aderholt offers a new solution for your small business accounting needs — a full-suite of financial and accounting services for growing businesses with just one, easy-to-budget monthly fee.

No more hourly fees. No mystery bill.

The Scott & Aderholt team serves Central Texas business owners with nearly 40 years of combined expertise in both industry and public accounting. Our unique blend of accounting experience gives growing businesses a fresh set of eyes to look strategically at their accounting practices and make them better, tighter, and scalable.

Why managed accounting solutions are better than hourly services

Our solutions help local businesses grow financially. Our partnership model allows us to get to know our clients’ businesses on a deeper level. This makes tax season a breeze and helps us find more ways to help our clients achieve their goals.

Traditional CPA Firms

  • Pricing based on high hourly rates
  • Services focused on compliance
  • Primarily concerned with the reporting of historical financial information

Our Value-Focused Model

  • Pricing based a monthly fee your business can afford
  • Services focused on delivering value-driven solutions
  • Primarily proactive and forward thinking to achieve financial growth

Are you getting the services you need from your CPA?

Still Not Sure?

Contact us for a free evaluation of your business accounting needs. We aim to demonstrate how our value-focused services yield a better return for your business.